The mystery of twins

Of all the enigma surrounding twins, twin has been the most researched and mystical phenomenon. The allure of something mystical and paranormal beyond scientific comprehension has given it a mystical status.

What is Telepathy?

Telepathy was originally derived from the Greek terms “tele” which means distant and “pathe” which means feeling. It is believed that telepathy is the channelizing o feelings and especially thoughts between individuals by means of para-psychology often known as extrasensory perceptions. This extrasensory perception was referred as the sixth sense apart from smell, taste, sight, touch, and sound. A person who has the sixth sense feeling is considered telepathic and the telepathic techniques are categorized as instinctual, intuition, and mental. Studies show that most people have telepathic abilities but tend to ignore these signals. There is a lack of evidence to prove telepathic activities but tremendous documentaries aware developed to study this phenomenon. Telepathy phenomenon was documented by many researchers, caught the interests in studying it further, and found its existence mostly in twins. Irrespective of supporting information, people have experience this phenomenon and an even larger number of people believe in the congenital behavior or ability of the mind to receive and transmit signals.

Studies on Telepathy

Numerous studies have experimented that twins are more familiar with each other’s feelings and thoughts and at times, these twins use their telepathic ability to communicate with each other. Genetic research of identical twins has shown that the identical twins communicate with each other in various different ways than the normal siblings. These activities can be observed mostly in monozygotic twins who are identical twins as compared to dizygotic twins (not identical). Monozygotic twins are from the same egg and sperm and considered to have the same brainwaves as well.

Experiments were conducted involving two identical twins. One twin was enrolled for guitar lessons and the other played soccer. After a few months with limited interactions of the twins with each other, it was observed that the one who played soccer could also play the guitar efficiently without any training and vice versa. Other experiments involved other identical twins in which one was hooked up to a polygraph machine and the other twin was being subjected to experiments in the other room. Experiments found that when the twin was dunked in ice-cold water, the other twin with the graph machine showed effects and gave a clear indication on the graph machine. The subjects were not tortured or hurt during these experiments.

Twins indicate the sense of emotional connection and many report a feeling of discomfort when the other is in difficulty. The phenomenon of twin telepathy is intriguing however, more research is required to present substantial support and evidence of its existence.