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Types of Data Backups

There are many kinds of Backups that are used to secure data and to ensure redundancy (which is also a method of making data secure). In the following are discussed some of the important types of data backups that find themselves in great use nowadays.

Full backup means that all the selected folders and files for backup are to be backed up. The advantage of this type of data backup is that every time a backup is run, all files and folders are stored in the backup destination.

Another type is the Differential Backup, a complete backup is done initially and after that follow-up backup encompasses the amendments made since the last full backup. It is relatively faster in contrast to full backup. Its usage of storage space is less for the reason that only the files and folders amended since the last complete backup are copied. Another benefit of differential backup is that it has very fast restoring speed.

A local backup corresponds to any type of backup in which the storage medium is present in the same vicinity as the source. This is done on networked attached storage or a CD or DVD ROM. Local backup provides good protection from accidental deleting, virus attacks, drive failures and intentional employee disruption of data. Also, it is an exceptionally fast backup and restores. The cost of data transfer is also very cheap in the local backup. Furthermore, as the storage medium is closed to the source, the backed up data can be obtained very conveniently when required.

Then there are Online Backups. These are carried out on a continuous basis, with storage medium always remains connected to the source being backed up. Generally, the medium of data storage is located offsite and connected to the source through the internet. It offers outstanding protection against potential natural disasters, theft, fires, etc. In the online backup, the risk of data loss due hardware failure is comparatively low as the data is replicated across multiple storage media. Being online, it requires very little human or manual interaction.

Finally, in the Cloud Backup, data is stored in a service or storage facility connected to the internet and can be accessed with login credentials. A core benefit of cloud backup is that the data stored can be stored any time by simply connecting to the internet.

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