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Decline in worldwide Oil prices

Oil producing and exporting countries like Saudi Arabia are in very deep trouble because oil prices are the lowest since the 1990s. Around 250,000 oil workers have been rendered jobless and companies manufacturing drilling and production equipment are also suffering because of the decline for their products. Prices of crude oil have been cut by more than 60% since June 2015. The largest importer of crude oil, the United State has increased it’s domestic production nearly 100% which has cut down sharply on imports. Competition for OPEC has been quite stiff as Canada and Russia have increased their crude oil extraction and flooded the oil markets. Continue reading

Decline in Union Membership in Industries

The major reason for the decline in union membership is innovation and automation. Most factories are introducing labor-saving machinery which performs tasks more efficiently than workers. Trade unions have had very little success in their efforts to minimize automation which would protect the jobs of their members. They have sought to introduce free retraining for workers and shorter working hours to share the available work among workers to guarantee them a stable annual income. The change in many manufacturing to service employment has further caused a decline in union membership.  Another factor is that many factory owners are setting up their industries in countries and regions where unions do not have very little or no influence with workers. Continue reading

Deadpool Comic Characters

A mentally unstable disfigured mercenary, Deadpool (Dade Wilson) is a fictional comic book character published by Marvel Comics.  After his first appearance in the New Mutants, Deadpool was cast as a villain in X-Force and The New Mutants. Deadpool claim to fame is his ability to break the fourth wall and is referred to as ‘The Merc with the Mouth’. As of 2010 Dead-pool recruits Dead-pool. Kidpool, Lady Deadpool and Dogpool, and with his family complete, the team is all set to face the Big Bad Threat.  Of course, the enemy is much stronger than the Deadpool team, but this is used to their advantage by the Deadpool Corps. Continue reading

Critical Evaluation of Marketing Strategies for Companies

The Marketing Strategy of most companies is based upon dividing their clients into different segments which is according to the amount of product and service that they procure from the company  and the financial benefits that the company derives from them. Clients are divided into A, B, C & D categories. Clients in category A are the major purchasers of equipment and services from the company and they place large orders because of which they get the best service which includes sharing information, efficient delivery of goods, interpersonal relationships and in some cases technical expertise and regular visits from company engineers. The objective of MIS is to give special preference to their Clients in the A category are given preferential treatment vis a vis deliveries and services because they are the mainstay of the organization. This helps MIS to maintain their competitive advantage over other companies. Continue reading

Creation and Development of telegraphic system

The first system was tried out by sending messages between New York and Washington and the system proved to be a resounding success. The messages were enciphered at the sending end and then deciphered at the receiving end.  The messages were completely secret, and it was not possible to read or understand these messages without the code key.  This works in the manner that enciphered messages are sent, and at the receiving end, with the application of the key, the messages are printed out as plain text. This makes for faster and more efficient communications.  The system is flexible and can be easily used with different types of machines. The machines can be modified to work under different conditions. Continue reading

Creating a personal statement

A very important factor in writing a personal statement is what you can contribute or add to the progress and growth of the organization that you are submitting your CV for? Explain in details about your work on any project similar to the objectives of the organization, any research that you have done which can be useful for the organization and other such important information. Impress the prospective employer at the beginning with the skills that you have and are probably lacking in the other applicants. Mention all the academic work or research that you have done or personal attributes that will be congenial with the work environment. Continue reading

Corrupt Practices throughout the Ages

Human beings are inherently corrupt. Corruption has been around ever since humans started living in organized societies because it is human nature to try shortcuts, try to get something for free or try to buy our way instead of working hard at it. Recorded incidences of corrupt practices date back to 4th century B.C. Studies about corruption and its reasons have been studied across different disciplines which include psychology, sociology, economics, law and political science. Characteristically each discipline looks at corruption within its own area of specialty and from a specific point of analysis whether they are analyzing the individual, the organization or the economy. Continue reading

Conforming to the Laws of Ski Jumping

Ski jumping is a type of Nordic skiing in which athletes slide down a specially constructed takeoff ramp and jump from the end of it with as much power as they can manage and “fly” as far as possible down a steeply sloped hill. Ski jumping can be quite dangerous if a person does not adhere to safety rules and avoids situations which can place him and other ski jumpers. Like many dangerous activities, the natural dangers can be avoided with a few safety measures. To earn the highest score in your term papers and essay you should choose an academic writing service that will meet your best writing needs Continue reading

Conceptions of entrepreneurial strategies

The basic purpose of entrepreneurship is to recognize and develop from available or meager resources, conditions which are favorable for the enterprise including opportunities by the analysis of information received from high-tech small business entrepreneurs engaged in utilization and development of available and meager resources. Initially, a benchmark needs to be developed for the paper to assess which commercial opportunities are viable. The general perception is that individuals who are tough, resilient and progressive are most likely to favor Schumpeterian opportunities, and they persistently try to find inventive ways and means to expand their company. Besides their considered directions for their enterprises is to fulfill future requirements by developing practical products. Continue reading

Comparison between Electric and Conventional Cars

As compared to electric cars, conventional cars using combustion engines have more moving parts. When gasoline burns, these parts rotate which make the care move forward or backward as is needed. Compared with this, an electric car does not burn gasoline. It’s moving mechanism is powered by batteries. However, an electric car’s batteries are charged by a gasoline powered engine. Electric cars do not need gasoline to run, and their rechargers are powered by batteries. To earn the best grades in writing Business Plans, Case Studies and work assignments in you should choose an academic writing service that will meet your best writing needs. Continue reading

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