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Defeating the Islamic State might take decades

Although politicians talk about defeating the ISIS, they do not mention the costs or the sacrifices that will be necessary for winning this war. Despite the rhetoric of politicians for political point scoring or for improving their political images, the generals who have fought several wars in the Middle East in recent years are aware of the costs involved in the war. They are well aware of the fact that the ISIS is a ruthless adversary that has changed and adapted to new tactics over the last eighteen month. Despite losing 25% of its conquered they have come up with innovative ways to compensate for their shortcomings. Continue reading

Can Scientology be termed a Religion?

Although adherents of Scientology and social scientists are adamant that it is a religion, a more appropriate explanation is that this is a multi-national organization and religion is only one of its several mechanisms. The other components of Scientology include political ambitions, business enterprises and projects, cultural production, simulated medical perpetrations and simulated psychiatric practices and an interchangeable family structure for some of its elite members known as the Sea Organization. To earn the best grades in writing Business Plans, Case Studies and work assignments in you should choose an academic writing service that will meet your best writing needs. Continue reading

Symbolism in Chronicles of Narnia

The Chronicles of Narnia

Chronicles of Narnia by the Northern Ireland writer CS Lewis is one of the most popular series of children’s books in the world. Sold in over 95 million copies and translated into over 40 languages. The series is divided into seven books, including the best-known “The Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe,” and “Prince Caspian” and “Sailing the board of the Dawn Treader”. These three books have their own television and film adaptations, which have nowadays become more popular. Continue reading

Russia and Vladimir Putin

New Russia

For the third consecutive year, “Forbes” has named the Russian president “the most powerful man in the world.” For the third consecutive year, the US business magazine does not fear ridicule. For, despite the strokes of brilliance, though conducted propaganda and disinformation, Vladimir Putin dominates the world in any field. Whether the economy, military power or even diplomacy, “New Russias” Putin is lagging behind, a remnant of the great world power that was the Soviet Union. Continue reading

Popularity of English

The History of English

It was 500 years ago, English was spoken by 5 to 7 million people, mainly in the British Isles. Today, nearly 1.8 billion people speak English in the world. How to explain this? The spread of English has nothing to do with grammatical structure or its linguistic characteristics. Everything is a matter of politics and history. Continue reading

Paulo Coelho: Eleven Minutes

Eleven Minutes – Original Form

In this original form, Paulo Coelho begins in no less amazing story. Maria is an innocent and dreamy young daughter of a traveling salesman and a seamstress in a village in the interior of Brazil. She dreamed of a prince to rescue her from that village where everything was a cinema, a nightclub and a branch of a bank.
Continue reading

Review on The Blessed Church

 Custom Review Writing

The Blessed Church

The Blessed Church written by Robert Morris indicated the ways in which you can have a growing yet healthy church. The book depicts the qualities that a church should have that would enable it to work in the twenty-first century. No matter if you are a pastor, a volunteer or a church member, being a part of it; you want the church to grow well as it is difficult to find a better place than church to experience God. Robert Morris has identified the ways that will guide in making a church effective since it is difficult to grow a church and be able to manage it well. Pastor Morris has experienced the spiritual and relational excitement of growing a healthy and dynamic church and has shared his experiences during this journey in his book which has made it even more interesting to read. Continue reading