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Can loneliness be measured?

Attempting to measure loneliness is not easy in fact it can be quite complicated. Social organizations do not ask questions that will irritate the person. The scales of guidance for measuring loneliness, which has been tried and tested, are The UCLA 3-item Loneliness, Singular questions, The De-Jong Giervald 6-items Loneliness Scale and The Social campaign to end loneliness. These scales ask a varied question but produce identical results. Each scale has its own scoring and analysis guidelines which are used along with the questions or statement given to the answerer.  The scales may appropriate in different settings and are based on the questions that need to be asked Continue reading

Analyzing Company Websites using Paros

Attacks To Networks

Attacks to networks usually start with the gathering info from the target company’s websites as web pages are easy targets for attackers to glean basic to critical info regarding the targeted company. A lot of tools are available for such info gathering purposes. One of the more popular ones is Paros, a potent tool for Windows operating systems (OSs) and Unix ones that are available for free downloads at This tool may be used to gather info about an organization’s website as well as to come up with the goods regarding any possible vulnerabilities. Continue reading

Business opportunities in the United Arab Emirates

The UAE encourages foreign entrepreneurs to invest in the country, and for this provides all the necessary facilities including legal protection to protect the investors and investments. The UAE is a very law-abiding country with the lowest crime rate in the world. The development of its natural gas and oil resources has provided the finance to attain significant development and growth in its trade and industry sector. The revenues have made possible the development of a very modern infrastructure which includes roads, ports, airports, telecommunication, electric utilities and desalination projects that can be compared to any developed country in the world. Continue reading

Budgeting for a Health Organization

Budgeting can be termed the procedures for implanting a formal written statement symbolizing financial terms. Budgets making is essential for running any organization so as to ensure that the organization has a financial roadmap that describes its profitability or losses and mainly for the allocation of resources to heads or departments. There are several budgeting techniques and organizations must decide on the best method for its budgeting, because each tool has different advantages for the management process. Budget making usually envisages a budget committee that considers all expenses and expected revenues and then allocates resources to each department according to priority. Continue reading

Brief History of Singapore Airlines

The establishment of Singapore Airlines took place in 1972 after it separated from Malaysian Airlines. With the establishment of a national carrier,  Singapore Airlines went for uncompromising development including making profitable investment and trading to maximize profitability and get bigger market share. The strategies adopted by Singapore Airlines to compete were offering the best flight service possible. “Good flight service is essential and shows to the smallest details. This policy was the cornerstone of the belief that excellence in service was directly responsible for the careful selection and individual performance of in-flight crews charged with the fulfilling the needs of individual passengers and demonstrating the levels of quality service demanded by the airline. Continue reading

Alcohol and its effects

Alcohol Consumption

Alcohol consumption affects the body in many ways. These effects can result in bodily and mental changes that can put alcohol users and others at risk of injury or death. Probably hazards include falls, household accidents, and car crashes. When a person consumes alcoholic beverages, the liquid quickly mixes with the blood in the body after which it spreads throughout the person’s system. One measure of alcohol remains in the body for about 2 hours after being drunk.  This amount of time can be different depending on the person’s weight, gender, and other factors. When a person drinks, the intensity of alcohol in the blood rises to a climax and then begins to decline. Initially, alcohol makes relieve people of stress- and cheerful Later; it can make them feel sleepy or confused. Continue reading


The Famous Muslim Philosopher Al-Kindi

He was a famous Muslim Philosopher and was recognized as the first logician of Islam. Moreover, his popularity begged him the title of the “father of Islamic Arabic philosophy”. He rationalized Islam so far. When we talk about Muslim philosophy, we refer to the time of rationalism. At that time, there was no difference between philosophy and religion. Religion and philosophy both were after one reality. Their subject matter was not different. Al-Kindi also said that philosophy and Islam are not different, their objective is to know God. Continue reading

Advertisements Targeting Children

Advertisement Industry

The advertisement industry has experienced a booming growth since the later part of 20th century. This industry has been focusing on searching new techniques and tools to extend their reach to their audience. These industries mainly target those people who can be easily manipulated such as children. The advertisement agencies have been accused of creating ads which are targeted at children. Concerning bodies believe that such advertisements should be banned because these have a negative impact on children’s life.  Continue reading


Importance Of Advertisement

In a competitive society or in a capitalistic country, advertisements are a necessity. Products and services need the promotion so that people may know about them. The advertisement of goods and services is meant to attract a wide variety of customers to buy them.

The government advertises its schemes and policies to inform the public and to make its citizen participate in them. The government uses to advertise housing plans, saving schemes, educational policies, and messages for the betterment of the citizens. Continue reading

Workplace deviance

What Is Workplace Deviance?

Workplace deviance is referred to the voluntary behavior violating organizational norms that are of great significance, and in doing so, the personnel tends to threaten the well-being of the members of the organization or organization’s itself or both. A deviant behavior is explained from an alternative point of view as a behavioral departure from norms of reference groups. In most cases, such behaviors (lying, sabotage, aggression, political activities, misbehavior, theft, and noncompliance to the laws or regulations) are identified as significantly harmful to the firms or the society, on the whole. Warren, therefore, proposed a typology explaining behaviors that deviate or conform from normative expectations and be destructive or constructive either at the organizational level or at the social level. Destructive deviance behaviors have a negative impact and violates both, social norms as well as organizational norms. Continue reading

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