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Corrupt Practices throughout the Ages

Human beings are inherently corrupt. Corruption has been around ever since humans started living in organized societies because it is human nature to try shortcuts, try to get something for free or try to buy our way instead of working hard at it. Recorded incidences of corrupt practices date back to 4th century B.C. Studies about corruption and its reasons have been studied across different disciplines which include psychology, sociology, economics, law and political science. Characteristically each discipline looks at corruption within its own area of specialty and from a specific point of analysis whether they are analyzing the individual, the organization or the economy. Continue reading

Classification of mental health disorders

Considering that most mental illnesses cannot be or are not quantitatively measured, a number of clinicians believe it is a good idea to formulate paradigms in order to expect or perhaps predict some evident behaviors while for possible conditions. Classification has recently been defined rather well as ‘the process of reducing the complexity of phenomena by arranging them into categories according to some established criteria for one or more The Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders (DSM-IV), is a categorical classification system of disorders set under prototypes, the mere membership of which makes the possession of certain attributes highly probable. Continue reading

Are Computers replacing Teachers?

Advancement Of The Computer

The advancement of the computer had drastically changed the process of learning and acquisition of education. For students, computers have emerged as a lifeline which benefits them throughout their educational career. Research work and connectivity with different people have become so handy with the help of these smart computers. Things that were impossible in the past have become possible as computers are becoming smarter and more intelligent day by day. However, no matter how much efficient computers have become, they still cannot outdo the presence of teachers in the learning process. Continue reading

Can Scientology be termed a Religion?

Although adherents of Scientology and social scientists are adamant that it is a religion, a more appropriate explanation is that this is a multi-national organization and religion is only one of its several mechanisms. The other components of Scientology include political ambitions, business enterprises and projects, cultural production, simulated medical perpetrations and simulated psychiatric practices and an interchangeable family structure for some of its elite members known as the Sea Organization. To earn the best grades in writing Business Plans, Case Studies and work assignments in you should choose an academic writing service that will meet your best writing needs. Continue reading


The Famous Muslim Philosopher Al-Kindi

He was a famous Muslim Philosopher and was recognized as the first logician of Islam. Moreover, his popularity begged him the title of the “father of Islamic Arabic philosophy”. He rationalized Islam so far. When we talk about Muslim philosophy, we refer to the time of rationalism. At that time, there was no difference between philosophy and religion. Religion and philosophy both were after one reality. Their subject matter was not different. Al-Kindi also said that philosophy and Islam are not different, their objective is to know God. Continue reading


Importance Of Advertisement

In a competitive society or in a capitalistic country, advertisements are a necessity. Products and services need the promotion so that people may know about them. The advertisement of goods and services is meant to attract a wide variety of customers to buy them.

The government advertises its schemes and policies to inform the public and to make its citizen participate in them. The government uses to advertise housing plans, saving schemes, educational policies, and messages for the betterment of the citizens. Continue reading

Tortious Workplace deviance in Malaysia

Tortious Workplace Deviance

Tortious Workplace deviance is an occupational crime that might vary alongside a continuum of severity, from somewhat minor acts including embarrassing the co-workers, too much more serious acts like theft and sabotage. The victims of tortious workplace deviant behavior might include employees, employers and in some cases both. An act can be workplace deviant if it results in the violation of major organizational rules.Tortious Workplace deviant behavior is extremely costly and pervasive for the organizations today. Various studies have revealed that employees mostly get engaged in different forms of workplace deviance such as stealing, fake accident claim, sabotaging, drug abuse, harassing other employees, and breaking organizational rules etc. Continue reading

Tort victims and Damages in Malaysia

Tort Victims

Tort victims suffering from the personal injury can recover all their damages (past-present-future) normally during a single lawsuit. In the Malaysian case of Kee Su Ngoy v Teh Bok [1989]  which concerned the employers deviance and ultimate liability concerning the health and safety requirement, wherein the employer was ordered to pay compensation to the plaintiff due to negligence. Continue reading

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