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Tag: Critical Thinking

Definition of Critical Thinking

A broad definition of “critical thinking” would be: dexterously and energetically applying the academically closely controlled progression and thereby studying something very closely and merging new information with prior knowledge and/or examining and judging something that is collected from or created by scrutiny, understanding, contemplation, analysis, calculation and exchange of ideas which serves as a channel for conviction, principles and accomplishments. In a typical structure, the basis for it is worldwide academic principles and standards that go beyond areas under discussion which can be split into a part that is transparent, precise, reliable, that are significant and have solid proof, adequate motivations, and justifications, intensity, extensiveness, and even-handedness. Continue reading

Defeating the Islamic State might take decades

Although politicians talk about defeating the ISIS, they do not mention the costs or the sacrifices that will be necessary for winning this war. Despite the rhetoric of politicians for political point scoring or for improving their political images, the generals who have fought several wars in the Middle East in recent years are aware of the costs involved in the war. They are well aware of the fact that the ISIS is a ruthless adversary that has changed and adapted to new tactics over the last eighteen month. Despite losing 25% of its conquered they have come up with innovative ways to compensate for their shortcomings. Continue reading

Critical Thinking Papers

The Implementation of Critical Thinking Writing

For critical thinking writing what is needed is the ability to think beyond your personal perceptions. This envisages building up knowledge of subjects and matters related to your project. That means acquiring the relevant knowledge associated with your specific line of work. This will equip you with degrees and know for your discipline. This would be appropriate to the manager’s responsibility, including the challenges they come across such as finance, strategy, marketing, communication, negotiation and conflict resolution, manufacturing, supply chain manager, labor relations, human motivation etc. It is imperative that critical thinkers must have adequate knowledge about their work which is essential for critical decision making. Continue reading