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The strength of H&M

The strength of H&M contains the cheap price/low price and good brand image. H&M has been developed a reliable product which motivates the customer and employees making the Concord and appeals skilled workforce. Good image of customer gives the very high frame anywhere in the world to give the benefits of the company, for making a large number of outlets around the world. H&M offers very low price that the customer really gives the competitive thanks for saving the cost management of the company. The strength of the H&M is they have the huge range of the various concepts. The whole concept was based on cheap prices for the apparel that has been brought devoted to SWOT client and customer of H&M for many years. There are different departments for men, women, children, and teenagers for their basis. They work within various types of shopping centers, buildings, and street locations with multiple characters. Read more SWOT Analysis of H&M

Weaknesses of H&M

The organizations want to save the cost/money where it is possible, the distribution system of H&M is very slow, and it takes so much time for delivering the product from the outlet of H&M. The reaction time of the H&M is very bad, and it offers the competitors. There is another reason to leave the customer to a competitor; the low quality of the product could give the customer to move the current organization. Although production unit of H&M is added up to 2700, to control all demands, management of great possessions. If H&M does not maintain the effective organizational structure, the condition may prime to the failure of control.

SWOT Analysis of H&M

Opportunities of H&M

To develop the business, there are several strategies. H&M was selling the products online, as the online market grow rapidly in daily routine. In 2011, H&M presented the new online website and online market, H&M launching the Shop Online that offers the online catalog sales over the internet. Online shopping platform emphasizes to improve the Functionality and shopping experience. At the end of 2010, they propose that to start the sales and cover the world large online market that is the USA.When the economic crisis arise that was adamant; it might increase the attention of the customer or people to get the fashionable clothes at cheap prices. There are several supplier markets with the high rate of purchasing and number of clients and customer that have some consideration on the fashion, such as Asian markets, Japan, and China. H&M expansion is fast and running the equivalent on four continents. The different numbers of potential projects that run concurrently and challenging with others. There are significantly more and more opportunities to develop the new stores in the world, the doors of the world is open to the organization, and during the formation process they choose in contradiction of some potential stores, the best opportunities will remain exists.

Threats of H&M

The main threat of H&M is the competitors that are continuously increasing, and they are generally aggressive. H&M should maintain the efforts in discrimination to face the competitors. Other uncertainties and risks never predict or avoid. It contains the weather situations, fashion, climate change, exchange rates, and trade interventions, but it is connected to the expansion in the markets. The new concept is launch; customer behavior is change and maintains the product. The market is full of challenges, such as recession, the global financial crisis, discount-driven markets and consumer restraint that are naturally caused or affected. Although H&M is also familiar with the things that would be done in better way. Striving and self-criticism to develop the continuously improve the parts of the H&M corporate culture and make sure to work hard to being a more effective and efficient in the whole world. Increasing the efficiency, that means to improve the strategy to get the customer or client to give the most attractive offers in future.