What is school violence?

It is important the child’s safety and security in school and parents should ensure that the child does not fall a victim to school violence. School violence is increasing with many distinctive cases, which make parents worried and pressurized about the safety of the child in school. It is a fact that there are children in every school who harass and bullies other children to gain inner satisfaction and to be dominant in school. However, some children are observed with aggressive behavior toward little things and takes out their frustration on other kids. Precautions should be taken in such school environment to prevent school violence.

Programs for school violence

Programs should be conducted in schools regularly to teach students different ways to solve problems in a constructive rather than in a destructive manner. Students are recommended to talk out their problems with one another instead of fighting them out. Extra-curriculum activities and programs should be held for the students to bond and share thoughts with each other. If a student is engaged in any form of aggressive behavior, actions should be taken immediately and parents should be informed. If the student continues to do so, the students are to be counseled or the student will be suspended. Moreover, firm and a strict policy that prohibits the formation of gangs and unwanted activities in school is recommended. Whenever an incident occurs in schools, the school boards such as the law enforcement and government agencies investigate on remedies about securing children and the prevention of such tragedies. However, the protection of children from such incidents where life and death matters is a serious issue to consider. Safety measures should be applied to secure the children’s life and gain parents’ trust. In order to be on the safe side and prevent such horrible incidents, precautions such as Metal detectors in schools are quite effective in keeping away weapons of any kind from entering the school premises. Moreover, Schools have security patrol and security guard within and outside the school premises. These have decreased the crimes and violence occurring in schools and have shown positive effects. Training the teacher’s staff members, guiding them with the relevant information about certain potential signs can provide the teachers to able to spot high-risk students before any incident or violence occurs. These are few recommendations that schools should consider in order to secure the safety and security of the students. School life is not what it used to be, but with some effort and safety measures, school life could be more fun without any threats of violence.