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The Blessed Church

The Blessed Church written by Robert Morris indicated the ways in which you can have a growing yet healthy church. The book depicts the qualities that a church should have that would enable it to work in the twenty-first century. No matter if you are a pastor, a volunteer or a church member, being a part of it; you want the church to grow well as it is difficult to find a better place than church to experience God. Robert Morris has identified the ways that will guide in making a church effective since it is difficult to grow a church and be able to manage it well. Pastor Morris has experienced the spiritual and relational excitement of growing a healthy and dynamic church and has shared his experiences during this journey in his book which has made it even more interesting to read.

He has revealed the simple secret that would make certain for an individual to grow the church that he loves and at the same time make it effective. The book has all the answers that one would want to know to make his church healthy and vibrant. People ask Morris how has he been able to grow his church in such a short time span and yet make it so healthy what is the secret behind it, as our world needs churches that allow blessings to flow through it and that allows believers to have an opportunity to build a strong bond and relationship with God. They need a church that has a vibrant sense of faith, hope, and love. Thus, the Robert Morris has revealed the secrets that have made him capable of achieving these successfully by making his church Gateway Church in Dallas–Fort Worth not only a growing and healthy church but also the most influential one in America that is blessed with spirituality.

After reading and analyzing the book thoroughly to grasp the understanding of the moral that lies behind the book, it can be concluded that it is significant to understand the difference between growing and growing effectively and achieving healthy growth. The lesson that could be learned through the book is that to grow a church effectively the most important thing is to have faith in God and prioritize personal time with God. Although the decisions lie in His hand but it is the responsibility of mankind to devote his efforts with true determination for seeking guidance from God and asking for His blessings. It is essential to have effective government and pastors that guide in making the church a blessed place for its members.

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