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What is Stress Coping Mechanisms?

Various researchers argue that there is direct relationship existing between perceived stress and personal habits. In other words, healthy habits such as regular sleep, healthy nutrition, and regular exercise have a direct impact on the human’s resistance and perception to stress. On the other hand, practicing unhealthy habits including abusive relationship, gambling, and drug/alcohol consumption can lead to high stress levels among individuals. Therefore, it can be put forwarded that the simplest way to avoid stress is to adopt a healthy lifestyle. Individuals can cope with stress through four different mechanisms listed below:

a. Behavioral coping-This includes the physical activities that individual can exercise to overcome work related stress. Behavioral coping is especially effective when an employee is suffering from time stress.

b. Cognitive coping- This coping strategy involves the use of individual’s perspectives and thoughts to cope with stress. While using cognitive coping, individuals use a mental filter to concentrate more on the positive aspect of a situation instead of a negative aspect. Self-talk and positive encouragements are few effective approaches that can assist individuals in getting rid of stress. A cognitive coping strategy is most appropriate for coping with situational stress.

c. The problem-focused coping-The focus of this coping strategy is mainly on the problem. Individuals make efforts to eradicate stress by seeking solutions to address and rectify the problem in the most efficient manner. This coping strategy works well in case of anticipatory stress.

d. Emotion-focused coping- This corresponds to different ways by which people identify and manage their own emotional responses to situations they find stressful.

Given that the preceding stress coping mechanisms have been recognized as appropriate ways to combat four types of stress, the selection of which mechanism to use under a particular situation depends on the stressed individual. Moreover, a person does not to solely rely on one coping mechanism instead a hybrid solution would be the best approach under specific situations. However, it is important that the individuals should choose a coping mechanism that is in line with their situation and can effectively minimize their stress levels.

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