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Understanding Social Media Marketing

Social media marketing is defined as the marketing process of gaining awareness and attention through social media websites. Social media marketing is basically used for attracting customers and promoting products and services through social media websites. The message is communicated in the form of advertisements or content. Businesses are using social media marketing to increase sales, brand awareness, image building, customer relationship and communication. Social media is an online platform where communication among various stakeholders can take place in a convenient and cost effective manner. Social media is a platform which assists businesses to share information and reach customers through Web 2.0.  Social media facilitates businesses to engage in less time consuming and direct communication with customers as compared to traditional methods of communication.  Social media marketing is not only effective for large businesses but also local businesses. Online customers can be targeted more easily through various online marketing strategies and tools. Read the custom research paper further to learn more about social media marketing. 

It is worthy to note that both business-to-consumer marketing and business-to-business marketing can take place through social media marketing. The presence of social networking websites such as Twitter and Facebook has helped large and small businesses to enhance their relationship with customers in order to gain a larger customer base and customer loyalty. It is worthwhile to know that social media marketing has gained immense prominence in the present age and hence it has become important for local businesses to focus on social media marketing.

Today, customers prefer to look for products and services online so that they can get more information through social media. The use of blogs and social media websites has increased dramatically in recent years and can be used effectively by businesses to pursue their objectives. Customer awareness, customer retention, and brand development process can be successfully carried out through social media marketing.

Social media marketing makes use of social networking websites mainly twitter and Facebook where fan following is increased through word of mouth advertisements and online presence. For local businesses, gaining online presence has become highly important in order to create awareness and build a relationship with customers. Social media is mainly the technologies which are based on web 2.0 where communication and information sharing takes place. The major tools of social media are blogs, wikis, tagging and social networking system. For local businesses, there are several tools of social media which can be used to gain customer attention. It is worthy to highlight that there is an immense significance of online and social media marketing in the present age. Local businesses can make effective use of online and social media marketing to gain competitive advantage.

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