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Nuclear weapon

The modern economy is already facing several problems and with the increase in acquisition of nuclear weapons by the terrorists has further increased the threat to world peace and global security, it is, therefore, important to bring a halt to the proliferation of nuclear weapons treaties have been signed to prevent nuclear weapon proliferation. There have been two set of economies, stating that have stockpiles of nuclear and the ones that are non-nuclear states, countries that possess the obligation not to expand the production of nuclear weapons whereas, on the other hand states that do not have weapons for mass destruction are obliged, not to produce or acquire them in the near future for achieving the objective of maintaining international peace. Read the custom research paper further to learn more about a nuclear weapon.

To make economies act in favor of one’s own economy and to defend their own interest, countries use their military forces and impose a threat to the other nation. However, this is not an effective strategy it is better to offer security to other nations rather than putting their security at risk. Countries are more focused towards creating and forcing insecurity on other nation instead of providing them with security. Leaders and the decision makers are more concerned with deterrence of other nation in spite of defending them. Treaties have been signed by the nuclear states and nations have obliged not to attack or threat the non-nuclear states however these pledges have not been fulfilled always.

Deterrence strategy might be effective in the context of present times; moreover, in the coming years, it would not be appropriate to prevent nuclear proliferation by implementing the deterrence strategy as nations continue to advance their research and development. Thus, it is difficult to state if nuclear proliferation is easily preventable. The deterrence strategy might also act as a limitation over the nations that have the power to face the challenges pertaining to the environment and to overcome the existing threats. There is not only one solution to overcome this problem, nations will have to work together with cooperative and need to make the join and collective efforts to solve the issue of terrorism caused by nuclear weapon proliferation. Countries should consider having more effective control regimes and a greater emphasis on the transparency of certain material that would be helpful to build trust amongst nations and also to create an alliance between nations.

Until there is the development of nuclear weapons, future of the nations would remain in the hands of those powerful nations that acquire nuclear weapons. However even if the strategy of deterring the nuclear weapons proliferation proves to be effective, states can still be capable of producing them at a greater pace as the resources might be destroyed but the knowledge would always remain with us. Hence, secretly the production would be continued, as it does not take much time to develop the weapons for mass production. Nations might be able to have the best of the verification system to track if the nuclear weapons are being produced secretly but would not be able to eliminate the information that has once been acquired and they have now with time mastered the skills to produce the WMD.

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