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The concept of human resource management

The concept of human resource management(HRM) was first originated in America but after some time, it had been focused globally. HRM is considered to be the part of employee loyalty including practical and mutually involved in long-term focus. Another study highlights that human resource management emphasizes management, organization relation, social relations, rules, and psychology. The important perspective of human resource management includes recruiting and selecting the employee, job security, to train and develop skills of employee, management performance, and developing the career. Human resource is widely concerned in occupying a commitment attached to the employee and organization. It is also believed that HRM applies all employees working in the organization with particular human resource practices joint with job security, the involvement of employee, and work system. The important aspect of human resource management is to achieve goals and satisfy the employee expectation and necessities of individuals must be ensured and, therefore, the human resource managements in organizations are increasing. Read the custom research paper further to learn more about human resource management.

In the recent studies, it has been highlighted gradually more about the association of human resource management and employee performance. The relation between the employee routine and human resource practices is unquestionable. The role of human resource management focuses on the commitment of employees towards the organization. Employees should be motivated to do their best at the organizational level in contributing the performance level. These motivations are also important for an individual to be rewarded for his appearance and performance based on his skills and loyalty towards the organization. Human resource management involvement in the evaluation of employee performance should be vital. The employee will show their loyalty and commitment towards the organization if organization rewards them with promotions, benefits, job security, career development opportunities are ensured.  The employee retains ratio will be stable if these incentives are assured for an employee based on the performance. This will result in the strong commitment to employee and workforce environment and it will surely give an advantage to the organization. Employee turnover is highlighted widely in different studies which give strange perspective among the market level and occupation.

There are many problems indicated in the turnover of an employee from organizations that may cost in high replacement. Other factors that led to the turnover are training requirements, lack of learning, experience, morale reducing from senior members of the organization, and financial performance. Established organization relationships may diversely result in lots of valuable knowledge and personal contacts. Sometimes, the organization loses an experienced resource that is very difficult, consume time to replace, and establish the new relationship between new employee and other members.

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