Overpopulation Problems

Overpopulation is becoming the biggest concerns for all. Overpopulation is exceeding the number carrying capacity of the Earth. It is said by various reliable that the estimated carrying capacity of the Earth is between 4 and 16 billion and the world population is about more than 7 billion at present, which means the Earth has already surpassed the limit. Natural resources like oil prices have increased tremendously, malnutrition and starvation is common in many nations, and unemployment is increasing at a large scale. The extraordinary increase of population has resulted in growing demands of soil, water, food and other basic needs and natural resources like petroleum and ores. While some people are ignorant toward the warnings, the population continues to be uncontrollable.

Overpopulation Remedies

Overpopulation can be controlled by providing better education facilities to those unable to manage school and colleges. This is the foremost measures to implement in maintaining the overpopulation issue. Educating the people, Making them understand the importance of having one or two kids. Families that are facing problems or poverty and still tend to choose to reproduce more than four children are to be discouraged. Necessary family planning with efficient birth control precautions can help women in making decisions of conceiving on their own.  Moreover, the best way to let people know maintain population growth is the awareness of safe sex and various contraceptives methods to avoid unplanned pregnancies. Spreading knowledge about abortion and voluntary sterilization should be emphasized in undeveloped and developing countries. As population rate is increasing rapidly, raising awareness regarding family planning and explaining the consequences of overpopulation can help control the population growth and reduce the needs of natural resources. Another remedy for maintaining the overpopulation crisis is the deduction of the government taxes. The government might have to work on various policies regarding tax exemptions in order to limit overpopulation. A certain part of income tax can be waived off or even decreasing the rates of income tax for those couples who are with single or two children. As people are inclined towards money, this could help with some positive results. Moreover, sex education needs to be compulsory subject in schools. Explaining about the birds and the bees is often considered as taboo in most cultures, but when the overpopulation crisis is getting out of hand, parents should start viewing the advantages of such education to prevent unnecessary birth. Having no knowledge of safe sex may allow teenagers to indulge themselves in active sex activities without being aware of the usage of contraceptives. These remedies are adaptable and simple to control and maintain the overpopulation problem. The key is education; with which the world can be a better place to live without the threats of overpopulation or shortage of natural resources.