Writers are different from others.

Writers mostly experience a moment of realization and epiphany. The quality of being a writer often comes in the early stages of childhood, the urge to capture and remember an experience, to create something and feel that no one would ever comprehend. A sense of relaxation and peace arises when words are not spoken but written.

Types of writers

Writers are extremely fragile carry a fragment of burgeoning ideas and words in their soul. Thus, enlightening such words and ideas, that are waiting to be exposed, is always a strenuous task. These people always endeavor perfection when creating a character, setting, the twists and turns as well as in the details of their plot. Writers aim to write a story that would leave the readers wanting for more and evidently create a sense of passion for reading in the readers.

Most writers a secretive and they often keep their writings a secret. They doodle and write while the species are asleep; their energy maxes out from the pitch of inspiration with their eight coffee of the day. While the world is sleeping, a writer will definitely create a beauty made of sentences and probably have insomnia in the course.

Perks of being a writer

One of the perks of being a writer is that writers look for positivity either it is tragic, heartbreaking or even an accident; they will see through it from their perspective and write about it. They feel in that writing of theirs as one. They often feel nostalgic when constructing something or recreating their old ideas. A contented writer struggles to express and write, writers will write because it is necessary for them to write; it becomes a need and an urge for them which they believe is a calling that is better and larger than they are. If they ignore that urge, they could be living in their fantasy and denial, which would result in forever search of false contentment.

Writers aim for respect and admiration; they want to be valued; they want their words to be quoted even after they are dead, however, that is definitely not their basic aim. They aim to spread their experiences and teach the fellow humans about life lessons and adventures or even to expose a wisdom of words that matters even slightly in someone’s perception. Writers often do not search for money or publicity; a professional and experienced writer is the one who never gave up and stopped writing. Keep writing and do not be disheartened because everyone has a tale to tell.