How to get product success?

Everything has become highly competitive these days. Companies that want their products to be successful need to identify the flaws in their services and then overcome the deficiencies that are present. In other words, these companies need to assess the overall attitude by performing the gap analysis between the expectations of the customers, the perceptions of the management and other related parameters as well. Getting a proper case study, dissertation or assignment on this topic is a hard task. Hence, you can always consider our professional options for this purpose.

 Using the  SERVQUAL method – Gaps

Considering the above scenario, a number of gaps would be identified while the attitude is being assessed using the SERVQUAL method. One of them is the gap between expectations of the customer and the perceptions of the management. When an organization has a multi-layered approach, there is every chance that people working at each level would have a different set of perceptions. Moreover, with the precepts of SERVQUAL method, few other parameters that highlight this gaps are insufficient market research findings and lack of communication between different levels of organizational hierarchy. Another gap for attitude assessment in the above condition would be between the perceptions of the management and the specifications of the service. This gap is created when the organization does not set its goals and proper milestones are not identified to reach customer needs. Low standard of services is also a parameter that creates this gap. In accordance with the SERVQUAL method for attitude assessment, these first two gaps identify the attitudes of the customers and management. The third gap is between service specification and service delivery. This gap, according to the SERVQAL method is created when employees with unrelated job descriptions are performing tasks. This eventually affects the level of customer satisfaction. The fourth gap is between service delivery and the communication that takes place outside the organization. The fifth gap according to this method of attitude assessment is related to errors between the expectations of the customer and perception about offered services. Similarly, the sixth gap is between customer expectations and employee perceptions and the seventh gap is between employee perceptions and perceptions of the management. If you go through these seven identified gaps, you will see how the SERVQUAL method can be used to assess the attitude of different stakeholders. Relevant scores are attached with each gap and then the overall score is determined after all the gaps have been identified.

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