Eleven Minutes – Original Form

In this original form, Paulo Coelho begins in no less amazing story. Maria is an innocent and dreamy young daughter of a traveling salesman and a seamstress in a village in the interior of Brazil. She dreamed of a prince to rescue her from that village where everything was a cinema, a nightclub and a branch of a bank.

She fell in love for the first time at the age of 11 as she was on the way to school, and the first love came to the first disappointment. One day the child asked for a pen and to request with such an innocent, Maria had no answer and was paralyzed by fear. The boy never speaks to her again, and when Mary finally decided one morning to talk to him and confess that he was the love of her life, she discovered that he had gone away for good. It was then that she realized that the world was too big and too painful for love, learned that there are opportunities in life that are lost and do not become to have.


Since then our protagonist begins to grow, erotic magazines and the world full of exotic locations, interesting characters and adventures to live. Her relationship ends after discovering the person she wanted to live with, to follow dreams and adventures. At this point, Maria is leaving to believe in love, decides to find a good husband and have children but do not fall in love again because she is convinced that this passion spoils everything.

Looking for adventures, she decides to travel to Rio de Janeiro, where he met Roger, a Swiss who noticed her and promises to make her a Brazilian star. Once again chasing their dreams, travels to Geneva to become a famous dancer, but again the fate smites Maria that ends up working as a prostitute.

Thus begins a struggle with herself in trying to understand sex, the true nature of people, becomes a psychologist and partner of her customers, discovers the world that revolves around Eleven Minutes time when the men get to achieve pleasure while Mary runs away from true love.

In the time that has less hope to find love, she meets a young painter. Maria will again be tested, and seek authentic “inner light”. She will have to decide whether to follow the path of sex for sex, the “easy” money and material life, or look for love in sex, finding herself, and coping with their true desires and feelings.

In Eleven Minutes, Paulo Coelho writes about a true story and talks about sex and love, analyzing his nature in a simple and spiritual way, trying to find the perfect union between body and soul.

In conclusion, we face our own prejudices, focusing taboo as is sex from a perspective that rawness and tenderness are mixed and once again, Paulo Coelho makes us reflect and we apply the learning of each of the characters and their stories to our own lives.