Guidance for parents

Parents from all over the world need a little guidance and counsel now and then. It is essential to know the basic needs of a child. Discipline, Homework, schools, eating habits, and the uncomfortable topic of the birds and bees, tobacco and alcohol are quite crucial for the parents to let their kids know as early as possible. Obviously, there is no single method of parenting and raising your children to be a good person when they grow up. However, parents are to ensure they teach their children in a way considering their feelings and emotions and not to be ignorant when faced with difficult scenarios in life.

Five fundamentals of Parenting

  1. Recognize their privilege: Parents beware of considering your child as a property. They are joys of life that came to your home with blessings. Just focus on nurturing and supporting them in every aspect of life. Do not try to label them as an investment for your future.
  2. Liberty: Do not underestimate your child. Let them be whatever they want to be. Do not label their career just because you want them to be that. Molding them as per your understanding of life will just result in the failure of your children’s career. You should encourage your child to do what you would or have never been in your life. If your children are limited in their options, they will then have a better future of their own, as it would be a future for yourself.
  3. Showering them with “True love”: Parents are advised not to provide your children with whatever they want. People often misunderstand that true love is given by catering to whatever their children asks for. That is stupidity if you consider it the right way of parenting. When it comes to loving someone, you should just be willing to be unpopular and hated and also still do things what is best for your children.
  4. Bring out their Spirituality: Spirituality in children is flourished if they are not being interfered. Generally, in our everyday life, there is always interference by the parents themselves, society, television or even the teachers. Parents are advised to construct an atmosphere where even the slightest meddling is minimized and the child becomes confident in growing with a clear mind of spirituality.
  5. Make yourself an Inspiration: Children are often influenced by just watching Television, by teachers, in schools, friends, neighbors etc. You should present and make yourself in a way that they find the things in you what they are searching for in others. It could be much easier for them to come to parents for advice and inspiration.

If you wish for your children to be a bright, loving, and career-oriented person when they grow up, then probably you would want to transform yourself into a good human being in all perspective.