Mania can lead to the following symptoms:

  • Excessively high spirits.
  • Irritability.
  • Weakened need for sleep.
  • Grandiose ideas.
  • Talkativeness.
  • Jump ideas.
  • The increased activity, including sexual.
  • A notable influx of energy.
  • Errors in decisions that lead to risky behavior.
  • Misconduct in the society.

Genetic factors

The risk of developing depression exist in families with a history already marked by such a disease, and it may be a sign of an inherited biological vulnerability. For patients with bipolar disorder, this danger is slightly higher, but not everyone with a family history of this kind of sick of this disease. Major depression can develop and those who have not seen anything like it in the family history. This suggests that the incidence of depression associated with additional factors – possibly with biochemical, causing stress to the environment and to other psychosocial factors.

Biochemical factors

Evidence suggests that brain biochemistry is a significant factor in the disease, depressive disorders. It is known, for example, that people with major depression commonly observed irregularities in the functioning of certain brain chemicals, called neurotransmitters and sleep characteristics, which affect biochemical processes in people with depressive disorders most unusual. Depression may be caused or soften in the use of certain medications, and some hormones have properties that contribute to mood change. What is not yet known is whether in the disease depression <biochemical disturbances> the result of inherited genes or they are caused by stress, trauma, physical illness, or any other environmental factors.

Environmental and other stressors

Significant loss, a difficult relationship, financial problem or a significant change in lifestyle – all this link when it comes to that disease contributes to depression. Sometimes the beginning of depression associated with acute or chronic physical illness. In addition, approximately one-third of people suffering from a depressive disorder, there is alcohol and drug abuse in one form or another 7.

Other psychological and social factors

People with special properties of nature – the pessimists, those who have lost their self-esteem, those who feel that they are unable to adequately control their lives or those who are experiencing too much on a particular occasion – more than any other susceptible depression. All these properties of nature can enhance the effects of emotional stress causing events or can serve as a hindrance action to it to cope with the difficulties and bring yourself back to normal. Added to this is education, as well as the expectations of the role played in the life of a particular sex. Apparently, the ability to think negatively usually starts to develop in childhood or adolescence. Some experts believe that the traditional upbringing of girls favors the development of these characteristics and can be the cause of a higher level of depressive disorders in women.