Nearly all languages have different varieties and dialects. The standard variety of a language is that it is supported and encouraged by the local authorities or social institutions such as schools and the media. The usual or typical forms of the language are more impressive than the non-standard types and are perceived as the correct form by the speakers of that language. Because this particular variety of any language is presumed to be correct because they are more valued and used within the society and speakers of the language. In some cases, an official body describes the grammar and usage of a standard variety. There are several languages spoken in any college.

According to some linguists, the standard used language may not be the best collection of features available, but it is accepted because of the social overall use of the language and not because it is superior in any sense of the other varieties and dialects. Although the medium of education is usually English, students from different communities and countries come to study in colleges. Each community brings with them their own version of English, their own pronunciations and their own different use of words. One example would be the combination of Hindi in English which has formed a new language “Hinglish”. The pronunciation, spelling, and meaning of the same word are different in some language communities.

The difference between two subjects such as History and Biology is the different terminology and the different meaning of some words; however, these disciplines are somewhat similar for writers are the structural order of both disciplines in their academic forms. There are several language commonalities which comprised of immigrant Asian Americans. The difference in their culture and values are quite different from those who are of European ancestry.

Like all people with Asian ancestry, immigrants have a different way of family life. One specific aspect of this is that they respect their elderly and keep them with them until the elders die. For them, it is unthinkable to send any of their parents, grandparents, aunts and uncles to old home just because they are too old to work. Besides this, these students have different values about relationships even with women. They have and implement their own set of values that has been handed down to them for several generations. The lesson learnt here are that despite being American citizens for the second or even third generation they still adhere to the values and culture of their country