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Violence and depression

People who are subject to any form of abuse should seek psychiatric and medical treatment for depression including therapy to overcome their inherent feelings of being unimportant, loneliness and isolation.   Usually. people the insecurities and fears of other as a reason to comply with the demands of their partners. The dominant partner imposes his/her will by  depriving their partners of affection or physical needs such food, sleep, comfort, water and other ways to force them to do what they want. Physical abuse is defined as “one or more episodes of aggressive behavior, usually resulting in physical injury with possible damage to internal organs, sense organs, the central nervous system or the muscle or bones of another person.

It would help the situation if the patient were asked as to how her partner managed stress. Does he lay the blame on others or accept the responsibility for his mistakes and does he believe in resolving conflicts with the use of physical force? A 45-year male who was experiencing acute depression was brought to his physician. Although the person was taking antidepressants for some time, was receiving psychotherapy treatment and was also attending alcoholics’ anonymous meetings. The patient was having problems in sleeping, decline in appetite and feelings of guilt because his wife had thrown him out of the house. He was all the more concerned because he wife was incapacitated and needed physical assistance.

During an argument, he had thrown a lamp at her, and although the lamp had not struck her, she called the police to remove him from the house and said she would be seeking a divorce

The couple can resolve their difficulties by helpful interventions and convergence. The patient had previously had treatment for excessive drinking and had quit drinking. Furthermore, he was being treated for depression. His wife was a teacher before she got sick, was living on retirement benefits and was financially independent. The most important part was that she had called the police immediately instead of allowing this form of violent behavior to continue.

The police and courts were sympathetic to her. The depression suffered by the patient grew worse during the court proceedings and he eventually had to be admitted to hospital which required psychiatric treatment to curb suicide tendencies. Even though the patient received psychological support for his traumatic condition but did not receive any sympathy for his behavior towards his wife. Ultimately the couple began marital therapy after the objective of non-aggression was recognized and the parameters of reasonable behavior were made clear.


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