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Globalization and its effects

A popular idea of globalization is that it is an irresistible force, the effects of which are seen and felt across the globe. Globalization is all the processes combined that transform the how relations and transactions are organized resulting in the flow of activity, interaction, and power. These changes are of four types: stretching, intensification of relations, increased Diffusion, and the blurring of global as well as domestic boundaries. Globalization also means integration on a much faster pace for markets, universalization of materialism, and loss of ability of national states for safeguarding their local values and institutions.

Globalization gives businesses and investment funds the freedom to go beyond national and domestic markets to all across the world and to connect with different markets. Its supporters enthused that it helps developing nations in catching up to developed nations, with more employment chances and better technology, with Asian economies often being highlighted as a mark of the success of globalization. On the other hand, skeptics claim that globalization works to weaken the sovereignty of countries and gives more-developed countries a better chance at shipping domestic jobs overseas to get their work done much more cheaply.

The trafficking of cash, human beings, info, and technology across borders will not be stopping anytime soon. For some people, it just looks to be a case of the rich getting richer while the poor gets even poorer. While standards of living are rising in third-world countries due to industrialization, they continue to fall in developed countries. The distance between rich and poor looks to be increasing every day, both between people and between countries as a whole.

Homogenization is yet another result of globalization, with the same ilk of product and services available almost anywhere. So, while globalization does indeed promote the connection between countries and people, it also affects their uniqueness and individuality.

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