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Domestic Violence

Domestic violence (which is also termed as family violence, battering, spousal abuse, intimate partner violence, or domestic abuse) is a pattern of behavior that includes abuse or violence by one individual against another individual in a domestic setting, like cohabitation or marriage. IPV is a violence executed by the partner or spouse in a close relation to another partner or spouse. Domestic violence may occur in same-sex or heterosexual family relations and may include abuse against children within the family. It even encompasses violence undertaken by the children either towards the siblings or parent. Read the custom essay further to learn more about domestic violence. 

Domestic violence may take various shapes encompassing sexual, religious, economic, emotional, verbal and physical abuse that may vary from coercive, subtle forms to violent physical violence such as acid throwing and female genital mutilation that leads to death or disfigurement and to marital rape. The disturbing psychological, emotional, and physical results of domestic violence may last for a very long time even for a life-time. Domestic murders encompass dowry deaths, honor killings, bride burning, and stoning. It is an epidemic which is affecting people of any age, nationality, religion, race, gender, sexual orientation, and economic status. It is difficult to understand how common this epidemic is because most of the time, people are not reporting it. There isn’t any particular victim. It occurs among individuals of any age and disturbs people of all education and income levels. Each year, around two hundred and seventy-five million children globally become victims of domestic violence. Abuse against children includes psychological and physical injury and abuse, negligent or neglect treatment, sexual abuse and exploitation. Close members of family and parents can be the perpetrators of violence. Children who face this violence can develop serious academic, developmental, behavioral, and emotional issues. The most common kind of violence is the domestic violence done against women. It disturbs across the lifetime. Forced suicide, abuse and selective abortion of women’s fetus is included in the abuse carried out by females. This violence is even obvious, to some level, in each society.

Domestic violence against animals is seen to happen where violence against women, siblings, and children is common. A battered animal (pet) can be a sign of the presence of other kinds of violence in the family. Research has revealed that a huge portion of violence victims (Seventy-one percent) report that their perpetrator has even abused a pet. Animal violence is among the initial dramatic indicators in which a person develops a pattern to seek control and power by abusing other people. When pets in the home are neglected or abused, this means that other people within the house are in danger. There is a reason why abusers abuse animals because they want to show control and power over family, they want to isolate children and victim, they want to enforce submission, their aim is to perpetuate a scary environment, they intend to punish the sufferers for leaving or showing independence and prevent the victim from leaving.

Managing domestic violence is not a simple thing. It requires the assistance of medical services, counseling, law enforcement, and other kinds of intervention and prevention. Members in the domestic abuse may need medical attention like a primary care provider, emergency room doctors or family physician examining the victim.

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