The basic difference between knowledge and belief is that belief is emotional whereas knowledge is rational. Beliefs do not entertain different viewpoints but knowledge is open to many different viewpoints hence knowledge progresses whereas knowledge stagnates. Knowledge brings about the truth which goes beyond emotions and thoughts. To earn the highest score in your term papers and essay you should choose an academic writing service that will meet your best writing needs.

Definition of knowledge

Knowledge enables a person to have a true and reasonable belief. When knowledge proves your beliefs then your beliefs are solid because they have been tried and proved. For the persons who are convinced that his/her beliefs are absolutely true without a shadow of doubt should know that any beliefs that are not based upon knowledge could prove to be wrong. Just acknowledging the possibility that your beliefs might not all be true is the first step in the acquisition of knowledge. The amount of reason that is essential for your beliefs constitutes the main argument that your beliefs are based more on emotion than reasonable truth.

Defining beliefs

Beliefs are mainly perpetuated by society and the best way to not believe without reason is to seek knowledge and know the truth. When you are in possession of all the basic facts then your beliefs will have a solid knowledgeable foundation that no one can challenge that your beliefs are based on your emotions and not on reality.  Knowledge bases beliefs serve both the interests of the individual and society at large. It is unfortunate that too much ignorance in the world is the cause of unreasonable which has generated too much strife and hatred in the world. Many people have knowledge of their religions but do not believe in it. Religion is based on emotion and belief only and is not logical.

Combining knowledge and belief

The best combination for mankind would be a belief that is based on knowledge. That does not include spiritual beliefs that constitute religion because religion is a matter of faith and faith only. There is absolutely no logic in religion but all religions have billions of adherents.  Knowledge is universal and consists of facts that are logical and accepted by everyone. Individuals have beliefs in different matters and that is mostly dependent upon their environments and upbringing. Every person desires and obtains knowledge differently and the method varies from person to person. Some people learn from experience while others learn from reasoning and some learn from both experience and reasoning.