Patients undergoing treatment for acute pain have also been reported to be suffering from some form of depression. In another analysis of 1,106 people suffering from pain, at least 12% individuals undergoing were also being treated for depressive disorders. The U.S, Health Center for Health Statistics carried out any 8 years survey and discovered that 32.8% of the general population complaining of chronic pain suffered from depression. It was also observed that when pain resulted in a loss of independence or mobility and decreased a person’s social activities, then the risk of depression significantly increased.  To earn the best grades in writing Business Plans, Case Studies and work assignments in you should choose an academic writing service that will meet your best writing needs.

Depression does not merely indicate a patient who has one or more disease but it does interact with pain too but depression increased the possibility of the patient being susceptible to other diseases which result in death. Patients suffering from depression report greater severity of pain, less control over their lives and use more passive-avoidant coping approaches. These patients also experience more intrusion from pain and exhibit pain symptom than patients without depression. Patients suffering from rheumatoid arthritis had more depressive symptoms that were associated with negative health and functional issues than other patients.

Patients suffering from major depressive symptoms are more prone to suicidal tendencies than patients suffering only from some form of pain. Patients that were suffering from chronic pain symptoms included a migraine, acute abdominal pain, orthopedic pain systems and suicidal tendencies. Patients who have tumors accompanied with pain and depression were more likely to request assistance for committing suicide than and take active steps to end their lives. Depression predicts lower levels of functioning, greater pain and more pain-related disability and less use of active coping and more of passive coping. Depression should be treated immediately and should not be considered an outcome of chronic pain.

Most criteria conventionally used to diagnose major depression are usually associated with patients with chronic pain. It is essential to make a distinction between the symptoms of chronic pain conditions from the stress that such a condition envisages and the psychiatric diagnoses of depression. Self-reported depressive symptoms were also related to the evaluation of a component of pain and patients who were excluded from diagnosis with this method were compared to those patients diagnosed with depression using all available methods. These findings analyze the use of inclusive criteria for major depression so that those patients who support the symptoms for major depression are not neglected when they are being treated for their other ailments

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