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Search Engine Optimization

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) means to affect the visibility of a website or its web page without paying the search engine for any sort of search result preference i.e. its natural or earned results. Usually, the sites and pages that are seen earlier or higher ranked in the search results are more likely to get more visitors. SEO may target different types of search, such as videos, images, appearances in the news and academic documents etc.

SEO takes into account the mechanics of search engines, people’s usual search preferences, the actual terminology and keywords they usually go for, and which search they usually prefer. This helps the marketability of a site or page. Optimization of sites and pages usually includes editing of content, HTML and related coding to not only increase relevance to certain keywords and to find ways around the indexing strategies of search engines. Another tactic is to increase the number of backlinks or inbound links having routes to the site in question.

As time has passed, search engines have become smarter and continue to do so. Near the end of the last century, it was evident that web content developers were attempting to have some sort of control over the visibility of their websites by tactics such as overstuffing their pages with keywords. Some cases have even seen company websites banned from search results due to overly aggressive tactics.

Search engines make use of mathematical algorithms to guess which websites a user seeks. Web sites connected with more inbound or stronger links are assumed to be more pertinent to what the user is looking for. Many search engines use “crawlers”, which are internet bots that systematically browse the web for indexing purposes. They may look at various different factors when crawling a site, such as the distance of a page from the site’s root directory. It is not necessary that they crawl to every page of a site. To stop undesirable content in searching indexes, webmasters can provide instructions that prevent crawlers from reaching certain files or directories though they may be reached through cached copies of the files or directories.

One of the most often used methods of SEO is cross linking between pages of the same site to give more links to important pages. Another is to include one or more keywords pertinent to the matter that are more frequently seen in search engine inputs. Also, by updating content constantly to keep search engines crawling back to the site frequently is another tactic.

SEO continues to be a great way of making sure a website or web page finds itself comfortably visible in search engine results and may continue to do so for a long time yet.

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