A mentally unstable disfigured mercenary, Deadpool (Dade Wilson) is a fictional comic book character published by Marvel Comics.  After his first appearance in the New Mutants, Deadpool was cast as a villain in X-Force and The New Mutants. Deadpool claim to fame is his ability to break the fourth wall and is referred to as ‘The Merc with the Mouth’. As of 2010 Dead-pool recruits Dead-pool. Kidpool, Lady Deadpool and Dogpool, and with his family complete, the team is all set to face the Big Bad Threat.  Of course, the enemy is much stronger than the Deadpool team, but this is used to their advantage by the Deadpool Corps.

The Champion, (one of the Elders) decides to let the Corps prove their worthiness by putting them through a test.  Despite successfully proving their mettle in this test, using only Katanas and Swords (The only weapons they use) another elder, (The Gardner) thinks that they need to be retested and puts them to another test. The Dead-pool Corps is a great concept, because even though you are handling a comic for the first time, or even after a gap of some time, you can accept the addition of the other Deadpool family, and do not think anything of the fact that they are being given their orders from the Watcher and G’Noty in a karate gi.

You are prepared to accept anything from a Dead-pool comic. Because they are widely accepted for being funny and entertaining, Deadpool comics need not comply with everyone’s expectations. Rob Liefeld, the author’s career has lasted because of his directional principles.  The books are funny, even though the artist does not draw good feet. But creating the floating head of zombie Deadpool is, without a doubt, the best most awesome thing to have ever happened.

The second series should have been named the Family Deadpool, because it includes all the characteristics of the new additions, Mama, Papa, Son, Dog, and Headpool. However, the Deadpool family seems to share all the same characteristics, except when they need to contribute their part in fights.  The variation in dialogue is noticed only when Ladypool occasionally says ‘Boob’ in her voice.  Featuring the entire Deadpool family takes the edge off the comedy, and Deadpool singularly seems to be funnier.  Including the entire team in comedy does not seem to be working according to expectations.  The contention that if one Deadpool is funny, the entire family will be funnier does not seem to work in this particular episode.