The Implementation of Critical Thinking Writing

For critical thinking writing what is needed is the ability to think beyond your personal perceptions. This envisages building up knowledge of subjects and matters related to your project. That means acquiring the relevant knowledge associated with your specific line of work. This will equip you with degrees and know for your discipline. This would be appropriate to the manager’s responsibility, including the challenges they come across such as finance, strategy, marketing, communication, negotiation and conflict resolution, manufacturing, supply chain manager, labor relations, human motivation etc. It is imperative that critical thinkers must have adequate knowledge about their work which is essential for critical decision making.

When you are positive about your field of study, you must study other topics, which may or not be related to your specialty. Being familiar with other topics develops your perceptions of other and the world in general, and will definitely shape your perceptions that are part of your professional accomplishments and undertakings.Being curious is fundamentally an integral aspect of critical thinkers. This means the ability to ask relevant questions that make clear the basic perceptions about people and everything in general. By asking questions, they obtain additional knowledge from others to add to their store of knowledge and enhances their learning possibilities.

Critical thinking writing without curiosity is like a leader without a vision. Curiosity is essentially practiced by asking questions, such why is a certain thing so and so? How can you be sure that it is like that? Do you have any other answers or explanations? What lead to this conclusion? How about some different and opposite points of view? Where and how can I obtain more information? What are my own perceptions that inspire my own understanding? Are there any factors that can influence the outcome?  How are you connected to this issue? These questions could continue without end.

The most important aspect of developing curiosity is practice. In essence, self-awareness, learning, and curiosity are the three main factors for becoming a critical thinker. It may not be possible to work in all three disciplines simultaneously. Start and practice one each day or over a specified period of time. Logic is the first thing that is applicable to critical thinking. Logic is different from emotion in that it directs a person the facts that must be applied together, and the manner they must be put together to reach a decision. It is logical to think that when two things happen together, one causes the other. This makes people jump to conclusions.


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