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Bullying is something very common in high school and there are many students who become the victims of bullying behavior of some students. It can indeed result in very harmful consequences if parents of the victim and school authorities do not take it seriously and take measures to discourage it. Bullying is just a need to feel superior by being aggressive towards weak persons. In reality, those people who get involved in bullying behavior are insecure therefore in order to hide their insecurities they tend to bully those students who seem weak. Bullying is a very serious problem not only in high school but also in work life. At a young age, bullying behavior can cause psychological damage to the person who is being consistently targeted by a group o f student. The victim starts feeling worthless and at times even become suicidal. Read the custom research paper topic “High School Bullying” further to learn more about the topic.Bullying can result in suicide Some students are not very strong in high school and consistent bullying behavior towards them can result in deep depression and loss of self-worth. The victims of bullying behavior lose confidence on their innate abilities and, therefore, look at themselves as a liability on others. These feelings of worthlessness lead them to take extreme measures where they can become vulnerable to suicidal ideation. Students who are often bullied tend to avoid going to school, they show a decline of interest in their studies and they seem quite and obsessed with negative thoughts all the time. In some cases, students even develop anxiety disorders where they avoid social gatherings due to the fear of doing something embarrassing and making a fool out of themselves among other people.

There have been many cases where some students have even successfully attempted suicide. Their parents failed to understand their children and, as a result, they lost their child. Loss of Self-EsteemStudents who consistently become victims of bullying behavior tends to lose their self-worth. They think of themselves inferior to others and in the process may also lose interest in other activities that they once enjoyed. They try to isolate themselves from the society and become badly depressed where they must be taken to a professional psychiatrist for help.

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