The BMW Group is the world’s sole manufacturer of cars and motorcycles that make products of exceptional quality and outstanding features. BMW designs and manufactures cars according to customer requirements for its marketing segmentation. This includes the customer’s tastes or preferences in cars, his status or standing in society or the community and his level of income to afford that specific product. BMW targets those customers who are loyal, i.e. repeat customers and those who can discern the value of the product. To earn the best grades in writing Business Plans, Case Studies and work assignments in you should choose an academic writing service that will meet your best writing needs.

Towards this BMW has made it segmentation quite easy by having different engines for its products. This enables the customer to choose the type of engine that he/she prefers or requires because the price each engine is different from the other. To choose their requirements, BMW uses demographic divisions such as income, gender, and age. It has been commonly observed that BMW is mostly preferred and bought by males who are over 35, stables in their professions with an upper-class lifestyle. Easily noticeable is the fact that BMW retail stores and showrooms are in upper-class localities. This promotes the idea that the BMW is a car for the elite or those who are well established in their professions, prefer the better things in having and have money to afford the best.

The most important aspect of their success is that BMW has segmented their X car series. The series are bought by different type of people in accordance with their preferences and affordability. Marketing research revealed for instance that the BMW X3 is very popular with female customers, X5 is a family care, X6 is a sports cars and X6 ranks above most cars produced by other car manufacturers. This segmentation has helped in their overall promotional strategy for BMW cars in the sense that it informs the customer what is the best car for him/her according to their specific needs. The company has created an image of being classy and made for a certain segment of the population.

Core Competencies of BMW include adhering to specific technological and management competencies is the differences among companies and the changes that they implement over time. This also allows assessment of their position in the market as compared to their competitors. This reiterates the importance of diversity and reliance for the growth of company specific technological competencies and s that management is bound to follow company policies of innovative research and growth. BMW works very hard to assess the customer’s needs and requirement because they believe that the most important aspect of any product is customer satisfaction.

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