Argumentative Essay

Strict Parents

We live in a modern era where individuals’ rights are protected. Children after the age of eighteen are independent. However, some parents holding traditional values may make childhood a period of torture. The style of parenting depends on the values of the adults and their beliefs. Some parents adopt a strict behavior with their children, while others tend to be more friendly and lenient.

Looking from the parents’ point of view, they may adopt a strict behavior with their children due to their own experiences in life. They themselves would have suffered a spoiled childhood and may want to take precaution with their children’s upbringing. They may intend to teach discipline to their children, so that the children would turn out to be honest and obedient individuals. However, too much pressure on children may cause them to adopt unethical practices, which they might hide from their parents. If the children do not feel comfortable talking to their parents, chances are that they may start doing things in secret and can also become the victims of depression and other mental diseases.

On the other hand, if parents adopt a more friendly approach to their parenting style, then the children would feel comfortable to discuss problems with their parents. In this way, they can guide their children to keep them on the right path. Youngsters would have no force or pressure on them, which may enable them to work freely and remain healthy. Parents, who opt for a more lenient way, may obtain the trust of their child. This could have a positive effect on students, such as better performance at school and maintaining a close relationship with one’s own parents.

However, the society in which people live may affect the parenting style of individuals. The parents of this generation are known as the ‘sandwich generation’ as there is a vast difference between the attitudes of their own parents and the behavior of their children. Time has changed, so has the mindset of today’s children. Parents need to consider that primary socialization may be an important part of a child’s life, as it would determine whether they would turn out to be conformists or deviants in society. Although there are other factors, such as school environment and peer pressure; but early experiences of childhood build the basis of an individual’s character. Thus, parents need to make sure that their children are happy and are not frustrated by their family life.