Advancement Of The Computer

The advancement of the computer had drastically changed the process of learning and acquisition of education. For students, computers have emerged as a lifeline which benefits them throughout their educational career. Research work and connectivity with different people have become so handy with the help of these smart computers. Things that were impossible in the past have become possible as computers are becoming smarter and more intelligent day by day. However, no matter how much efficient computers have become, they still cannot outdo the presence of teachers in the learning process.

There are some theories regarding future that computers will be replacing teachers in the learning process completely. Although, it is true that computers have deprived teachers from many of their responsibilities, but these intelligent machines cannot become a substitute of teachers. In a learning process, human interaction plays an important role. A teacher is not only a fact transmitter; he or she is expected to motivate students to acquire education. Apart from this motivation, a teacher must impart best moral values and discipline in his or her students. Surely, machines, no matter how efficient they are, cannot imbue moral ethics in a person.

Computers have become an efficient tool for the acquisition of education. Students can comfortably search for anything they want just by few clicks only. They do not have to plan excursions for different libraries for research purpose. The complexity of conducting a research has been reduced significantly. The connectivity to the digital libraries has made many things easier than ever. These sophisticated machines have no doubt served human beings remarkably but the physical presence of a teacher is incomparable. A teacher knows the potential of students and encourages them to acquire knowledge accordingly. The absence of the teacher from the life a student will affect his or her moral upbringing.

Apart from evaluating the potential of students, teachers play their part as a torchbearer for their students. There are many examples in the history in which the inspiration of the mentor inculcated wisdom in his or her student. Famous western philosopher, Plato was greatly inspired by the teachings and ideas of his teacher Socrates. Socrates and Plato, together, placed the first block of the Western philosophy.


The presence of the teacher in the life of a student is not just for the transmission of facts. Facts can be gathered by using advanced computers. A teacher pours valuable moral principles along with the motivation of learning into the minds of his or her students. Therefore, teachers can never be replaced by the computers which are efficient but apathetic machines.